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“We provide opportunity and access to high-quality education using technology to improve student outcomes.”

We are a team of educators, mentors, students, managers from the different curriculums around the globe coming at one platform LumBee Learning, to share our teaching strategies, communication styles, goals, varied methodologies and resources with the world, somethings that perhaps you were not aware of before. It can help open your eyes to different perspectives and philosophies as each of us sees things in a different way.

Our program helps your child build a solid foundation in math, language arts, and science. In addition to academic skills such as reading, writing, and counting, kindergarten learning activities help students develop a number of behavioural, social and cognitive skills like sitting and paying attention, focusing on a task, and working with others. LumBee Learning is an online, student-paced learning system that covers Kindergarten – IGCSE /O Level / Lower Secondary

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Hello, I am Mum of Lumbee and I prefer to keep it that way. In a literal world, it’s called founder of Lumbee Learning, which means lifelong learning for me. I am an educator since 2000 and have been teaching forever. As an educator, I strongly believe not to limit myself by one style or definition. As a visionary of LumBee Learning, I never reached to a stage of satisfaction of attainment and fulfillment, not as a teacher but as a person too, always kept an open approach of learning and developing every day....
Being an Early Learning Child Educator in Canada, holding Certificate in International Baccalaureate Education in Primary Education from United States, Diploma in Business Management, Degree in Education, and TEFL certification of 120+ hours, taught children in the Middle East for a decade to multinational children. Lead and directed the child day care and educational services in Canada for 5 years... Teaching and bringing a change in every child's life I teach, has been undying passion of my life forever as I remember now.....
My vision with LumBee is not to make any child be a part of rat race. I look forward to reach to every child who wants to learn, reach to every parent who wants their children to learn beyond boundaries of status, race and culture and provide him/her the opportunity of real quality learning through LumBee Learning. I want every child to rediscover their own strengths and make the best out of it to be confident in their own skin and abilities. I am proud of our young team of LumBee, not because of their credentials, but because of the vision and passion they share with me of selfless service for others.
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Hey!! I am another bee! LumBee Learning. I have earned Hons degree in English Literature. Although, I never considered teaching as passionate as I feel now after working at LumBee. I cherish the bond I share with each child I teach.
Teaching is very sacred job as it carries the responsibility of the future of each child. Ensuring that knowledge is conveyed effectively has always been my aim rather than just teaching. Teaching has made me more aware of child psychology and has taught me to be more patient and calm to myself too. Lastly, I always cherish the sense of achievement in the progress of the children I teach.
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Hey!! This is L of LumBee, associated with LumBee Learning for more than a year now. I had been working at a few places before, but the exposure and the sense of ownership that I gained at LumBee is something I had never experienced anywhere else. A very timid girl who never believed in herself now has the strength to reckon beyond any constraints.
I am always looking for ways to improve and stay committed to whatever I take responsibility of. I plan on growing and learning with LumBee as I had given up on career because of my young boys but working, learning and teaching from home has given me more exposure than people get in real world. I have connected with people around the world from various sects and ethnicity, from different culture and backgrounds and yet different learning styles.
I have done my Masters in Computer Science and was a silver medalist of my batch. I strongly believe - “The most effective, successful professionals are constantly learning, they take the time to apply what they have learned, and they continually work to improve themselves.” by Joel Gardner and that has been my sole aim in LumBee Learning as a trainer.
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“The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter– to be productive, to be useful, and to have it make some difference that you have lived at all”, by Leo Rosten has always been my motto.
My name is B, the biggest bee of LumBee at Lumbee Learning! I am currently pursuing my post-secondary education in Psychology. On the side, I am also an experienced life coach. This helps me to incorporate different teaching techniques during my classes.
Growing up I have always had a passion to contribute my skills to my society! And with that, came my passion to be able to communicate with the world around me! I was born in the Middle East, grew and educated in Canada, pursuing higher education in Psychology, owner and certified cupping therapist from United Kingdom. Giving back to the society has been my biggest passion of life which keeps me driven round the clock.
I have had experience growing up in different cultures, continents and ethnicities which helped me empathize and connect with the students around the world!
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Hi, this is Ee of LumBee Learning. I hold a Degree in Psychology, have been educating children since last four years and have also worked as a career counselor. I believe teaching is not only conveying knowledge to the children, it is about how to make a difference in life of others. It is all about exploring your innate skills and then reinventing them.
Everyone can have a piece of paper but everyone cannot make a book out of papers. “Think out of the box and create a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content and their brains.” - Rosalie Ledda Valdez is what teaching means to me. Listening patiently and counselling emotionally underprivileged children has developed me into a more understanding and humble citizen of the world.
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Hey everyone!!
I am another tiny Bee of LumBee Learning. I hold Master’s Degree in English and was fortunate to be awarded with a full scholarship “English Access Micro scholarship Program” from the U.S. Embassy.
Being with Lumbee from day 1, I can undeniably say that I have learnt a lot since I started and still going steady with a hope that my wisdom will grow with each passing day at LumBee Learning.
Seeing tears in the eyes of the children during my substitution for few days who used to be camera shy and hesitant when we started online classes with them, made me realize that nothing is impossible if you believe and give your 100% to it.
Multitasking has been the biggest skill I have improved in, at LumBee Learning. LumBee Learning is not a platform for academic enhancement only but it boosts overall personality of the child. We want to produce lifelong real learners who can identify and use their knowledge and abilities to contribute positively to the society.
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Hello everyone!
I am ng of Learning at LumBee. “Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” - Heidi-Hayes Jacobs is the reason why I am connected with LumBee and without whom nothing is complete.
A Software Engineer by profession and strong believer that learning can happen anytime, anywhere and with everyone.
Since the day I started at Lumbee, multi-tasking and time management are the two traits I have improved in hugely. Working in an atmosphere where you can be yourself, and can still achieve a lot is what I learnt at LumBee.
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Hey, here comes another bee at LumBee Learning, who has been teaching since 2013. My credentials includes Degree in Software Engineering and MS in Project Management. Being an educator brings me joy. I love being a champion for every child, helping them see the gifts and strengths that they each bring to the world. I try to find ways in which I can support children's curiosity, imagination, creativity and problem solving.
I enjoy being a part of each student’s educational experience. I work to offer a relaxed, fun, play based learning that is guided by the interests of the children. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to watch the children grow and develop over the years.
It has been a pleasure working with LumBee to guide and encourage the children along the way since I joined the company.
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Our Team Values







“You can’t teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it”
-Seymour Papert

LumBee Learning is a provider of a new-age, learning environment and our platform is uniquely designed to accommodate multi-curricula environments from around the world ranging from Montessori to Reggio Emilia, National Curriculum to IB, CBSE Curriculum to High School. We offer a complete selection of core academic and elementary courses required from Kindergarten – IGCSE /O Level / Lower Secondary. We believe our combination of interactive online lessons, videos, games and downloadable worksheets offers the right balance between Personalized learning, between instruction and practice and between engagement and focused learning.