We want the world and we want it now. We also want it our way, and we’d prefer for it to be as affordable as possible. And there isn’t anything wrong with that! And with that, personalized learning was born. For us parents, we knew personalized learning was a thing, but now, our eyes have been opened to just how deep it all goes.

Kids are learning new ways to learn

  • 79% of elementary students now have personalized learning experience (up from a pre-COVID-19 level of 56%).
  • They are also learning new ways to stay connected, with 64% now using video conference to connect with teachers.

With a wide range of benefits, personalized learning programs are being appreciated and have become quite popular among students across the globe. “Policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within schools must be balanced with the known harms to children, adolescents, families, and the community by keeping children at home,” says new guidance from the organization representing about 67,000 pediatricians.

Video conference goes beyond connection. Parents report video conferencing being used for many learning activities, including:

  • Covering new materials
  • Checking in on progress
  • Helping with schoolwork
  • Connecting with classmates

Elementary isn’t easy

  • Nearly half (44%) of respondents said their children had no experience with personalized learning tools before COVID-19 – a number that rises for parents of kindergartners (62%).
  • Parents of young children disproportionately report that they struggle balancing their work/daytime responsibilities and their child(ren)`s schooling (51% for kindergartners and 46% for elementary schoolers, compared to 38% for all respondents).
  • These parents also disproportionately report that they struggle to keep their children focused on schoolwork (62% for kindergartners and 58% for elementary schoolers).
  • kindergarteners and 58% for elementary schoolers).

Benefits of Personalized Learning

Personalized education can serve two goals. For students lucky enough to have access to great teachers, blended learning can mean even better outcomes at the same or lower cost. And for the millions here and abroad who lack access to good, in-person education, personalized learning can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Personalized learning
is self-paced.

Sophisticated personalized education products can offer self-selected learning.

Self-directed learning games encourage engagement.

Personalized education can support a range of learning styles.

Advanced online tools can provide real-time assessment.

With an internet connection, there are no geographical barriers.

Learning happens when it’s most convenient

Personalized learning enhances computer and
Internet proficiency.